Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Confession, re Tagline Above

I know that PGW actually wrote something like, "'Do try not to be so maddening, Bertie! I have enough to bear without your imbecilities." I like my version better. At least for the purposes of this page, that is. Far be it from me to criticize the slightest comma of the Master's collected works, available in a handsome softcover edition from Penguin for the paltry sum of ...

Jerk of the Week™

Wherein moioci institutes a recurring series meant to skewer outrageously obnoxious pronouncements seen online.

Case in point, and this week's winner, Louis P. Sheldon, in an op-ed in the LA Times in reference to proteges of (Republican) Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney:

In the last election cycle, Romney followed the Schwarzenegger victory formula to the letter. He helped bankroll a field of more than 120 mostly liberal Republican candidates to run as a "reform" slate against incumbent state legislators. Not one of these candidates mentioned the word "abortion" and, if you can believe this, in Massachusetts of all places, no Romney-endorsed candidate talked about homosexual marriage. That is the equivalent of running for office in Iowa and not mentioning farming. [emphasis mine]

Color me gobsmacked.

So, homosexual marriage is now the foundation of the Bay State economy? Or does it go deeper than that? Is he in fact suggesting that the very identity of Massachusetts is inextricably tied up with homosexual marriage? I dunno, Lou. Is it just barely possible that in Massachusetts, that azure preserve, these candidates got the idea that hate and intolerance were not milestones on the path to the state legislature? I also love the implication that if these losers had only had the balls to get out there and slam homosexual marriage properly, the statehouse would be theirs. Perhaps the state would then have gone for Bush, as God intended. Surely there could be no other possible reason for their defeat. Wusses!

Don't you dare comment!!! [/reverse psychology]

Friday, December 03, 2004

Nobody expects ... the American Imposition (of Imperialism)

Really nice prose from Sadly, No! (which had been mysteriously replaced by a photo-sharing site).

[In response to:]

Socialism, communism, anarchy and monarchy are not what this country was designed to run on.
[Sadly writes:]
This country runs on one thing: twinkies. And Krispy Kreme donuts. This country runs on two things: twinkies, Krispy Kreme donuts, and an almost fanatical devotion to George Bush. Amongst the things this country runs on are such diverse elements as...

Simply brilliant. (edited to restore the Sadliness)