Thursday, November 04, 2004

Geez, November Already

I have to confess that, for the duration of the Electo-Rama, I have been strictly a consumer of bloggage, but now am feeling blognanimous. (Is that a googlewhack, or whatever you call it?)* Anyway, back to the same old grind. Forget aspirations of normalcy at the top. And remember, 48% might as well be -48% in the view of certain highly-placed micropsyches. (I intend that to mean those of small-minded disposition, no matter their IQ.) I was so looking forward to a reprieve from the totalitarian-tendin' tongue-tied Texan terror. (and Laura thinks she knows something about alliteracy in America)

BTW, checking Google, each of my would-be neologisms comes up with one hit. This fills me with blognacity, and if you have to ask what that means, then you should just leave its use to professionals, sweetheart. It is ok to comment, though.

* Update: No, it's not, a googlewhack, that is. A googlewhack is "that elusive query (two words - no quote marks) with a single, solitary result!" I don't know what you call a word appearing on only one page, or none. Perhaps the self-referential neogoogleism would suffice.

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